Things I know to be true ... Part 2

Things I Know to Be True Part 2


1. Weather above 80 degrees should be a considered a crime against humanity.

2. For the first time in… forever… I have had three untreated, un-medicated, pain-free days. And it’s marvelous.

3. I really need to improve on following through on my promises.

4. ::ahem:: It’s been far too long since I’ve posted last.


                I DO so apologize for the extended delay in my next post. Life is a sneaky, sneaky jerk-face who throws monkey wrenches at my face when it thinks I’m not looking. With fairly accurate aim. There’s something about the heat that makes life especially irritable. So I’ve kept my distance, hiding behind my fort made of couch cushions and bedsheets and occasionally tossing out chocolate.

                It worked but for a moment. The heat this year is nigh unbearable. Unfortunately, the heat is a key migraine trigger for me. The hotter the temp, the worse the pain. I think, though, that I may have found a quick, albeit expensive, fix for my migraines. Today marks day 3 with no hint of head pain. I want to give it a few weeks before I proudly pronounce myself migraine-free – and the quick fix, just in case it’s a flop. But I *will* say that it’s been an epic couple of days.  


Enough complaining!


                I promise that I haven’t completely given writing a rest. Sweet mercy. The plot holes I’ve filled! I really hope over the next couple of days to craft a brief-but-concise guide to what I’m writing. To give you a small glimpse of the world I’m building. I really want to introduce you to a couple of my characters who’ve found a home inside my head and will not. Stop. Bantering.

                Maybe even give you a hint of some other projects I’m building up to. With a majority of the pain under control, my head is clear and my ambition just sky-rocketed. I’m SO EXCITED to share the things in my head!

I swear I’m not a crazy person.

Ok. That's a lie. 

I swear I'm not .... normal. 

Things I know to be true... Part 1

Things I know to be true:

#1. Putting together a blog from scratch with ZERO know-how is exhausting.

#2. The learning curve is strong with this one. (::ahem:: me.)

#3. Website building is still easier than writing a blog post.

#4. This will be the start of something magnificent!

I know, I know. “Practice makes perfect.” I guarantee that I’ll sit here in front of a blinking cursor on an empty Word screen for hours before I brainstorm something worthwhile to blog about.

So for now, bear with me while I figure this out. I can’t promise profound philosophically deep thoughts, but I can promise to make your visits entertaining. I can promise to share a bit of myself with each post that’s a little bit further out of my comfort bubble, and I can certainly promise to introduce you to the voices inside my head that never cease. Er… characters. Yes. Characters.

Hehehe. >:D

I can also promise a new post every Monday. :) So stick around, folks! You’re in for a RIDE.