Things I know to be true... Part 1

Things I know to be true:

#1. Putting together a blog from scratch with ZERO know-how is exhausting.

#2. The learning curve is strong with this one. (::ahem:: me.)

#3. Website building is still easier than writing a blog post.

#4. This will be the start of something magnificent!

I know, I know. “Practice makes perfect.” I guarantee that I’ll sit here in front of a blinking cursor on an empty Word screen for hours before I brainstorm something worthwhile to blog about.

So for now, bear with me while I figure this out. I can’t promise profound philosophically deep thoughts, but I can promise to make your visits entertaining. I can promise to share a bit of myself with each post that’s a little bit further out of my comfort bubble, and I can certainly promise to introduce you to the voices inside my head that never cease. Er… characters. Yes. Characters.

Hehehe. >:D

I can also promise a new post every Monday. :) So stick around, folks! You’re in for a RIDE.